Blog Update

For a time, I had really struggled with this whole blog thing. (In case you couldn’t tell.)  I was all over the place with it and very inconsistent. Yes, it would be great to generate some income doing something that you love.  But I became so wrapped up in making my time spent “worthwhile”, that […]

The Importance of Self Care

We all have heard about how important it is to take care of ourselves as moms.  But then at the same time, hear how selfish we must be to even think about taking any time for ourselves when we have littles to care for. Well truth is, I have given until I have nothing left […]

Why You Need Stitch Fix in Your Life

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Which means I may receive compensation in the form of payment or credit from purchases made through said links. Also, I am a terrible photographer. Please forgive the horrible photos. Thanks. I have briefly shared about how much I LOVE Stitch Fix.  This post is going to go a […]

Chasing Your Dreams

  I have always felt like I needed to be “doing something”.  Not that mothering is nothing to me, it’s just that I feel led to be doing other things as well. I have tried to push those feelings aside and just be content with where I am at.  But I have truly felt God […]

I Love My Doula

I know it has been nearly two years since the birth of our little twinsies, but this time of year brings out all the feels:  World Doula Week. The doula that attended the birth of our twins will always have a special place in my heart.  I cannot ever express the gratitude I have for […]

I don’t even know…

I sit here struggling to find any words to write.  At the same time, my head is spinning with all kinds of thoughts. I don’t know what to write, but I know I need to. My heart has been so weighed down.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t even breath.  Life is just weighing on me […]

You Have Purpose

Sometimes I feel as though I have lost much of myself throughout this season of motherhood.  But then I have moments that I feel like I have actually unveiled tiny pieces of my heart, moments that remind me that there is a reason and a season for each person and every trial I encounter. I never […]

It’s Breech Week

  With my first 2 pregnancies, I was blessed enough to not have any added stress or anxiety of a potential breech baby at the time of delivery.   My own concern of breech delivery came with my twin pregnancy, which of course increased the chances of having at least one of the babies presenting breech […]

Follow up on the Chore Struggle

  I posted a few weeks ago about having the kiddos help more with household chores, and I have to say, it has really been a struggle. I am very “type A” and everything has to be done a certain way.  I suck at delegating, because I don’t want something to not be “done right.”  It’s […]

Some Truth About Our “Big” Family

So, I want to go on this big rant about what not to say to/about “big families” and stay-at-home moms because it’s just super irritating and a lot of times hurtful.  But I’m not going to rant… I’m just going to “throw some truth” out there.   Throughout our family journey, we have faced many, many trials.  And […]