A Twin Birth Story: The Accidental Breech Delivery (Part 1)

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I don’t even know where to start with this birth story. There are so many other things going on right now, but I think this will help me to just deal. So here goes!

I had been feeling uneasy for a few days, just with funky pregnant body stuff going on. And was very concerned that I may, in fact, be in the early stages of labor. I was almost at the 34 week mark that my OB said he would be comfortable with delivering at. So I tried not to stress too much about it (yeah, tried being the key word). Then, it was Sunday, my official 34 week mark. We made it! And I felt like things were back to normal and that everything before must have just been me overthinking things.

We went to church, did our normal Sunday family stuff, had dinner, and got the kids ready for bed. After the kids had gone to bed, I changed into my “jammies”, which consisted of a shirt that showed my whole pregnant belly and a pair of my husbands boxers (yes, I was running out of clean,comfy clothes that fit my giant pregnant self). Then, I realized we hadn’t gotten a “34 week” picture. So, I got back into my dress (thank goodness, I put some effort into this picture) and had Hershel take a picture which I then felt the need to share with everyone… After my impromptu photo shoot, I got back into my super cute jammies and laid down on the bed.

Hershel and I started talking. I really cannot even remember what about. But I know I laughed. And immediately after, I jumped up and ran toward the bathroom like nobody’s business. Obviously, Hershel was concerned and asked what was wrong. Well, I was pretty sure that my water had just broke. (Sidenote: I got up fast enough to have spared our lovely pillow top mattress.) Now, this water breaking thing, had never happened to me with my first 2 babies. I had always had my waters ruptured well into active labor. So pretty much, I was freaking the heck out.

Thankfully, we had most everything packed and ready since I was so anxious about things those few days before. Hershel woke the kids up (or maybe not since they had only been in their rooms for about 15 or 20 minutes) and I pleaded from the toilet seat for someone to bring me my phone and some new underwear. As soon as I got my big girl panties on, I immediately called my doula (and dear friend) to tell her what was going on, and that we were going to head to the hospital since it is such a far drive.

This 90 minute drive of ours was Hershel’s biggest fear. He was absolutely terrified that I was going to have these babies on the side of the road. This was one part I was not thrilled about either, but felt like I could get through the contractions if I could just stay calm. To make things worse, about 10 minutes into our drive, we realized that I had forgotten my purse, of all things. Which of course had my wallet and all the things we would need to get checked in at the hospital. So we added about 20 minutes to our drive time.

When we finally got on the interstate, I notice Hershel driving pretty fast and I told him that he could slow down a little. He asked if I thought we would still make it in time. Poor guy! He did end up slowing down per my request. (Come to find out, while I was having contractions, he would speed up so that I wouldn’t know then slow down when he knew I was just about done with one.)

We finally got to the hospital without a hitch. We parked by the emergency entrance, and I was going to try to just hang out without checking in as long as we could, while waiting for my doula to arrive. But then I really had to pee and thought I might just check in then since my contractions were getting pretty intense and increasing in frequency. I changed my mind when the check in lady was rude with me (or maybe I was just super hormonal, but I would never admit to that at the time) then we headed outside so I could continue to labor without hospital policy and interventions, since I was already told that I would have to be continuously monitored because I was having twins.

After walking around for a bit my contractions got really close, so I decided it might be a good time to go ahead and get checked in and wait for my doula. I made sure we waited for at least 30 minutes since I was so adamant about not wanting to check in too early. After lots of paperwork and answering questions (I hadn’t pre-registered or anything with the hospital just yet since we definitely didn’t plan on needing to have it done before 36 weeks. Silly on my part, I know.) I was finally wheeled upstairs to Labor and Delivery.

Once in the room, we tried to get our kids to lay down and sleep (uhh…yeah that didn’t work out too well) while I got changed into the lovely hospital gowns and waited for them to test and see if my bag of waters had in fact been broken. The nurses were treating me as if they would be sending me home soon. I know it’s policy, but seriously??? After numerous tests and examinations, it was finally decided that I was in fact in LABOR.