Back to Business as Usual A.K.A. Utter Chaos

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Chaos callsbut all you really needis to just BREATHE

We were so blessed to have my Momma visit for a long weekend.  And I was definitely spoiled with extra help and hands with my mini monsters adorable children.

Alas, she has now left me to fend for myself, and today was a struggle.  After 4 “easy” days,  I found it very difficult to just “deal”.

I was up extra early this morning and maybe that is the cause of some of my inability to “deal”, but definitely not an excuse for my not so nice behavior towards my children throughout the day. Now, that I am taking a step back, I have to laugh at myself.  I can be so ridiculously silly most of the time.

I was yelling at the twins to “Stop screaming!” Does this EVER work for me? Well, no.  I have yet to see any positive results using the “yell method”.  Plus, I’m doing the exact thing I am wanting them to stop doing. Brilliant, I know.  Then, I trip over a laundry basket that Carrie just happened to be using as a spaceship, and I just lost it.  And then of course, I have 4 sets of eyes staring at me like I really have gone crazy.  And then there’s my mood for the day.

Why is it so extremely difficult to make myself just stop being angered/irritated by every little thing?

When we have learned to deal with our emotions a certain way, and have done it that way for such a long time, it really can be tough to change our way of handling said emotions.  This is one area that I greatly struggle with.  And I have posted about this before.  It truly is one of my biggest trials in this season with 4 young children.  Changing ones typical reaction and response process is challenging, but I have seen a huge difference in how my children respond to me when I actually take the time to respond to their behavior instead of reacting in the moment.

Today, was full of lots of reactions.  Thankfully, I did finally turn it around in the end.  I took the time (which I should have done to begin with) to get away from screaming, hyperactive children, and just breathe.

I know that the best thing for me, is to go to another area of the house or outside, take a breath and say a prayer.  Funny how quickly things can turn around once I FINALLY decide to do something about my attitude, instead of looking for more and more to be upset about.

And this song is definitely a great reminder for me:



How do you handle your emotions with your children?  Are you quick to yell or react to your children?  Or do I need some tips from you? Seriously, how do you keep calm in the chaos??