It’s Breech Week

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With my first 2 pregnancies, I was blessed enough to not have any added stress or anxiety of a potential breech baby at the time of delivery.   My own concern of breech delivery came with my twin pregnancy, which of course increased the chances of having at least one of the babies presenting breech for delivery.

After discovering that we would be having two babies instead of the single child we had originally planned on,  the search for a new provider had begun.  I was having difficulty finding a provider in our area that would be okay with an attempted natural delivery of twins.   Not to add the struggle of finding a provider that would even CONSIDER delivery of a breech baby.

Thankfully, I had an amazing doula.  She made lots of calls and contacted many people in order to get a good list of providers for me to contact.  I spotted a name on the list that I had heard before in reference to breech babies.  So I went ahead and set up an interview with him.

I honestly didn’t even know what questions to ask.  But was thankful that this provider openly shared with me what he was comfortable with and what situations would call for a cesarean.  (I did go on to have a premature, yet successful birth of two beautiful girls, one of which did end up making her appearance feet first.)

And throughout my pregnancy, knowing that my baby B liked to hang out transverse or breech, I tried many different methods to get that baby to flip.  I religiously visited my Webster certified chiropractor, did some tilts, lots of walking, squats, etc.  But the girl was perfectly content with where she was. (Check out Spinning Babies and the Better Birth Blog for more info in breech babies and tips on getting them to flip.)

Although I believe that breech presentation is a variation of normal, not everyone should and will be able to deliver a breech baby naturally.  There are risks involved with vaginal delivery and with cesarean which should be considered and researched before making any decision.  As with any pregnancy, one should always know their options and understand, to some degree, what to expect regardless of what circumstances should arise.

Which leads me to the importance of childbirth education.  Prepare and equip yourself with knowledge and confidence so that you can have an “amazing birth,” Birth Boot Camp is amazing!  And although I am not currently certified as an instructor, I fully recommend this curriculum. You can look for an instructor local to you, or even take the online course if that is a better fit for you.  Don’t just let your birth experience happen, educate, prepare and equip yourself with knowledge and confidence.  So that you can have an amazing birth, breech baby or not.

2 Thoughts on It’s Breech Week

  1. Laurie, Thank you so much for your comment. I do think of you and those twins often. My baby B did not make life too comfortable for me…but it all worked out in the end. I am so glad you have confidence in your birthing team. That is so amazing! And I am grateful for Birth Boot Camp as I think without having that teaching experience and all of the knowledge I’ve gained from being an instructor truly helped me get through my twin pregnancy with confidence. Wishing you all the best as you continue in your twin momma journey. Getting so so close!

  2. Our baby B is currently switching back and forth between transverse and breech. I feel lucky that the majority of our OBs at the hospital I’ll be at are good with baby B being breech…and I feel confident to ask for someone else in the case that they don’t. Baby A has been snuggling my cervix since at least 20 weeks. I’m 28 weeks now and feeling awesome. I’ve been loving the Birth Boot Camp curriculum with the twins…the focus on a healthy pregnancy and making informed choices through confidence in my care provider has been great. I’m in the midst of teaching a class now.

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