You Have Purpose

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if-youre-alive-theres-a-purpose-for-your-lifeSometimes I feel as though I have lost much of myself throughout this season of motherhood.  But then I have moments that I feel like I have actually unveiled tiny pieces of my heart, moments that remind me that there is a reason and a season for each person and every trial I encounter.

I never actually knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up.”  I always bounced back and forth between various aspirations and goals.  One day I dreamed of being a forensics investigator.  The next, an accountant.  Each day it was something new.

The things I did know for certain:  I didn’t want to get married. EVER.  And I wouldn’t be having any kids.

Well here I am.  A marriage and 4 kids later and still trying to figure out what it is that I want to do with my life.

But the truth is, had I never gotten married, had we never had our first child, I would have never known the passion and love I have for sharing knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth.  I would have never known the joy of encouraging a breastfeeding mom who wanted to just give up.

As time passes, and daily life changes, some of my past dreams and goals have resurfaced.  And I am slowly realizing that it’s okay that I still can’t decide on just one thing.

I believe that some of us are called to great, big, wondrous things.  But I also believe that some of us are called to the small,  yet significant things.  Making a difference in one person’s life, for the better is more blessing than we could ever ask for.

Don’t ever forget that you have purpose.  That your life is meaningful.  We may not ever feel like we have made any difference in this life, but know that there are things at work far beyond what we could even dream.




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