I Love My Doula

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I know it has been nearly two years since the birth of our little twinsies, but this time of year brings out all the feels:  World Doula Week.

The doula that attended the birth of our twins will always have a special place in my heart.  I cannot ever express the gratitude I have for the Lord bringing her into our lives.

I had never thought I would ever need a doula for any birth experience since I could handle it myself.  Well then God said, “Here’s two for you to “handle” birthing on your own.”  He sure put me in my place.

When we found out that I was pregnantfor the third time, we lived out in Tennessee.  A good day’s drive from our closest friends and family.  And we were still pretty new to the area when we found out we were expecting.  We had initially planned a homebirth to deliver a single baby and I had convinced my husband that we would, in fact, need a doula or at least another person for support since we already had two littles running around. He was not too thrilled about paying someone else to help with something he already knew I could do.  But this would have been our first birth experience outside of a hospital and I was a little anxious about it.

After my initial meeting to see if me and my doula, Leandra, were a good fit (we were, in case that wasn’t obvious), I had my first ultrasound scheduled.  Well, after the shock of finding out that we would be having two more instead of one, i became extremely anxious about more than just birthing at home.  I felt like this was my first time ever being pregnant.  This was all new to me.

Over the next couple of weeks I went back and forth,trying to decide whether we should still attempt to birth the twins at home.  After lots of praying and contemplating, I felt that it would be best for us to find another provider.  With that, I turned to my doula explaining that I was overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

Leandra helped me by coming up with a list of providers that would potentially be willing to deliver a breech baby.  I eventually interviewed with and decided on an OB with adequate breech delivery experience.

Throughout the next few months, I developed a great friendship with Leandra.  She was (and still is) definitely more than a doula to me.

When it came time to deliver the twins, who decided they would be arriving 6 weeks early, she arrived at the hospital just in time.  (You can read more about the birth of our twins here and here.) I always say this, but it is so very true, if it weren’t for Leandra, our birth story would not have been what it was.

If you are on the fence about a doula or just need that extra push to get one, do it!  I have a forever friend and an amazing story to look back on.  I’m not saying every birth with a doula ends perfectly, but I know that it made the whole experience a lot less stressful for myself and my family.

If you have or had a doula, tell them how much you appreciate them this week!

And for all you doulas, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Happy World Doula Week!!!

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