Chasing Your Dreams

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I have always felt like I needed to be “doing something”.  Not that mothering is nothing to me, it’s just that I feel led to be doing other things as well.

I have tried to push those feelings aside and just be content with where I am at.  But I have truly felt God calling me to more.  I have really tried to focus and just wait on the Lord in stillness.  Which, if you have tried it, is very difficult most days.  But these thoughts and ideas just keep flooding in.  And there is a peace I have with all of these new hopes and dreams.  I know that these are things I need to focus on and work toward.

Before, I always thought that eventually, I would need to find a job outside of the home.  And I actually thought that this day would be coming soon.  The thought of maybe having to drop my little ones off at daycare is not helping to motivate me either. I don’t want to miss out on all of these precious little moments that I have been so blessed to have with my older two. And then there’s the whole paying for childcare part. With all of these thoughts floating around in my head,  I have really been struggling to make the best choice for our family.

I see all these post about single moms who work from home and are able to care for their children at home, all while providing for their families.  And I think to myself, “Why can’t I do that?”  Well, why can’t I?  Is it because I just wouldn’t be good at it, or is it because I’m too afraid to try?  We will never know how something will work out unless we give it a try. And chances are things might not start out great, and some days you may feel like this is all for nothing.  But we have to at least try!  You will never prevail, if your main goal is to never fail.

Failing allows us to grow and to improve.  Don’t be afraid to fail. You always learn from failing.  Whether you choose to use that for growth or not, is up to you.

Pursue your dreams without fear of failure.  When you look back on life will you regret having tried, or will you regret missing an opportunity?




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