Why You Need Stitch Fix in Your Life

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Which means I may receive compensation in the form of payment or credit from purchases made through said links.

Also, I am a terrible photographer. Please forgive the horrible photos. Thanks.

I have briefly shared about how much I LOVE Stitch Fix.  This post is going to go a little more in depth and I even have pictures this time.  Not anything spectacular, but pictures all the same.

If you hate shopping for clothes as much, or even half as much as I do, Stitch Fix is your answer.  I would gladly pay the styling fee (which actually goes toward your purchase) just to save myself the headache of clothes shopping. Clothes. Yeah those things, that I really didn’t care much about when I was home all day with my kiddos.  Of course, I wore clothes then.  But now that I am working outside of the home again, I have to actually buy decent clothes for work.  And kind of care about what I wear and how I look. So it can really start to overwhelm me.

When I began interviewing for jobs, reality set in.  I thought I had liked shopping at one point, but this definitely clarified that I, in fact, do not like shopping…at all.  So after a stressful all day long event of not finding anything that I really liked, let alone fit right, I decided to give Stitch Fix another go. And thankfully, my stylist did an amazing job and send the perfect top and sweater that made me feel completely confident in my interview.

Well a few interviews later, I realized I would need more than just one top and a sweater for my work wardrobe.  So naturally, I decided to request another fix.  And Maggie did not disappoint.  This was my 5th Stitch Fix and I have never had a better box.

I have to be honest, when I saw what I had received right out of the box, I was NOT impressed.  Of course, it’s hard to resist not trying on the clothes right away.  So I didn’t.  I tried them on right after dinner and sought approval from the family.

First, I tried on this flow-y tie neck top by Your Story underneath a beautiful green cardigan by Skies Are Blue.  (Obviously I was wearing my own pants as none were provided.)  And if I am being truthful, when I first saw the tie neck top I thought this one was most definitely getting returned.  Definitely not the case.  I had requested the cardigan.  So naturally, I will be keeping that.



Next up, was the Papermoon black and white swing skirt worn with the lace cap-sleeve blouse by Brixon Ivy.  I tried it on a couple of different ways and fell in love with them both.  The top was also one that I thought was a positive “no”.  But now, I’ve tried it on a few times and it may even be one of my favorites.

And last, but definitely not least, was this gorgeous shirt dress by 41Hawthorn.  I really like shirt dresses, but have never felt super great while wearing them.  But this was a whole different story.  The material feels so silky, although it is machine washable (BONUS!), and fits wonderfully with a tie waist.  I love the floral print and the colors throughout.  An absolutely beautiful dress, that I will be keeping.

The great, amazing news about loving every single item in your fix is that you get a 25% discount off of your entire purchase. So basically you get at least one item for free. I’ll take it!

Another bonus, when you refer anyone to Stitch Fix, you get a credit towards your account once they sign up for their first fix.  That’s an amazing deal!

Just go to the Stitch Fix website to sign up or just to learn more.

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