The Importance of Self Care

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We all have heard about how important it is to take care of ourselves as moms.  But then at the same time, hear how selfish we must be to even think about taking any time for ourselves when we have littles to care for.

Well truth is, I have given until I have nothing left (in no way bragging) and it is never pretty.  When we try to give from an empty cup, no one gets filled.  That’s just the way it works.  And I get it, sometimes we are running on empty and we don’t really have a choice.  I’ve been there (most every day).  But I also know that when I take time for myself and make self care a priority, I am then able to give of the best of me.  Instead of just what is left at the end of a long week.  My family deserves the best of me.  I must love myself enough to love them enough.

So what does self care look like?  Well it is going to be different for everyone.

For myself, self care might include, but is not limited to: Quiet alone time to do NOTHING, a nice long bath with candles lit and classical music playing, blog time (which I rarely ever do anymore), girl time (even if its just texting), talking with my momma, exercise, walking, or quiet reading time.

Now I wish these were things I was consistent with.  Alas, I am not.  I have to be intentional and remind myself of how important these things are.  And at times I do the whole guilt thing and feel selfish for wanting time for myself.  But we must remember that we must love ourselves in order to give love to others.

This is not a new concept, I am aware. I just think moms need reminded to take some time.  To just breathe.  Mommin’ isn’t easy.  Let’s give ourselves some grace and schedule some “me” time this week.

What are some things that you would include as a part of a self care routine?


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