Blog Update

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For a time, I had really struggled with this whole blog thing. (In case you couldn’t tell.)  I was all over the place with it and very inconsistent.

Yes, it would be great to generate some income doing something that you love.  But I became so wrapped up in making my time spent “worthwhile”, that I became stressed and overwhelmed by it all.  Which did nothing to keep me invested in this.

Over the past few months, I have grown increasingly frustrated with my lack of commitment to this blog and how easy it has become to continue pushing it aside.  So what needs to change?  My perspective.  It’s amazing how a simple change in perspective can free you from so much.

I don’t NEED to make more money, as God has provided enough for our family needs. Why can’t I do something I enjoy and feel called to just for the joy I get from it?  Yes, it can take time away from my family.  But one thing that has become quite apparent for me, is that my family does better when I take time for myself and to do things that I enjoy and derive some purpose from.

Being a parent makes self-care hard.  Often times we feel the guilt of time away or all the things we may have missed.  Or we even feel guilt from others who see what we do as self seeking.  One thing I have really had to learn to be okay with, is that self-care is NECESSARY and makes for a much happier and healthier home environment.

When we take time to grow in and nurture those things that have meaning and purpose for us, we are better equipped to love and nurture those around us.  Although my time and efforts in writing/blogging may not be creating any extra income for us, it is something I will always find joy and purpose in.

Not to say that raising children doesn’t give me joy and purpose, but that I am more than that.  When my children are grown and gone, I will have purpose outside of that.  And I am sure there are some who thrive in parenting.  I, unfortunately, do not.  I struggle daily.

Now with working outside of the home, full time, I really struggle with the whole mom guilt thing since I don’t spend nearly as much time with my kiddos.  Yet, I still need time for self care.  Learning to balance all of this is the hard part.  But with a change of perspective, I can make better decisions and begin to free myself from feelings of  guilt.


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