Birth Classes

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Childbirth education is essential to having an amazing birth experience.  There is no way to tell exactly how your labor and delivery will play out, but you can educate yourself and feel confident with any decisions you may have to make along the way.

Birth Boot Camp is an in depth course that is focused on educating and supporting the mother so that she can have an amazing birth.  Birth Boot Camp also covers the basics of breastfeeding and newborn care to give moms confidence in their abilities to care for their precious  babies.

I am not currently certified as an instructor, so I cannot offer any live classes at this time.  But you can search for a live class near you, or even sign up for the online course.

Remember: You CAN have an amazing birth!



Do you have a passion for educating women about pregnancy and childbirth?  Do you desire to support women throughout their pregnancy journey and during labor?  Become a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor or certified Doula.