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Chasing Your Dreams

  I have always felt like I needed to be “doing something”.  Not that mothering is nothing to me, it’s just that I feel led to be doing other things as well. I have tried to push those feelings aside and just be content with where I am at.  But I have truly felt God […]

I don’t even know…

I sit here struggling to find any words to write.  At the same time, my head is spinning with all kinds of thoughts. I don’t know what to write, but I know I need to. My heart has been so weighed down.  Sometimes I feel like I can’t even breath.  Life is just weighing on me […]

You Have Purpose

Sometimes I feel as though I have lost much of myself throughout this season of motherhood.  But then I have moments that I feel like I have actually unveiled tiny pieces of my heart, moments that remind me that there is a reason and a season for each person and every trial I encounter. I never […]

Follow up on the Chore Struggle

  I posted a few weeks ago about having the kiddos help more with household chores, and I have to say, it has really been a struggle. I am very “type A” and everything has to be done a certain way.  I suck at delegating, because I don’t want something to not be “done right.”  It’s […]

Some Truth About Our “Big” Family

So, I want to go on this big rant about what not to say to/about “big families” and stay-at-home moms because it’s just super irritating and a lot of times hurtful.  But I’m not going to rant… I’m just going to “throw some truth” out there.   Throughout our family journey, we have faced many, many trials.  And […]

The Truth About Being a Mother

For myself, being a mom of 4. I guess I expect a lot and put quite a bit of expectations on myself. And with this mindset, I end up getting quickly burnt out and angry when my children act like, well children. Of course they aren’t perfect. But I see it as a reflection of me […]