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Blog Update

For a time, I had really struggled with this whole blog thing. (In case you couldn’t tell.)  I was all over the place with it and very inconsistent. Yes, it would be great to generate some income doing something that you love.  But I became so wrapped up in making my time spent “worthwhile”, that […]

The Importance of Self Care

We all have heard about how important it is to take care of ourselves as moms.  But then at the same time, hear how selfish we must be to even think about taking any time for ourselves when we have littles to care for. Well truth is, I have given until I have nothing left […]

Why You Need Stitch Fix in Your Life

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Which means I may receive compensation in the form of payment or credit from purchases made through said links. Also, I am a terrible photographer. Please forgive the horrible photos. Thanks. I have briefly shared about how much I LOVE Stitch Fix.  This post is going to go a […]

When Strength Falters

    When we look to ourselves for strength, we often find that we just don’t quite have enough.  The struggles and trials we are facing are just way too much for us, and we feel as if there is no possible way that we can get through this. And sometimes, we just want to […]

Back to Business as Usual A.K.A. Utter Chaos

We were so blessed to have my Momma visit for a long weekend.  And I was definitely spoiled with extra help and hands with my mini monsters adorable children. Alas, she has now left me to fend for myself, and today was a struggle.  After 4 “easy” days,  I found it very difficult to just […]

Munchkins and Chores

Since I’m on this whole making tons of changes kick, one thing I am trying to work on is our little cleaning routine.  Most days, I am constantly going over my “to-do” list in my head.  And I can often get really, really, really overwhelmed.  Me and overwhelmed…do not do that whole coexisting thing very well. […]

No More “Trying”

So these past few days, I have been all over the place, emotionally.  And today, I was super distracted with all the things going on with our youngest twin.  (For those that don’t know we just found out that she has a peanut allergy.)  And yeah, I know it could be worse and that it isn’t […]

Making Some Changes

If you know me, you know that I love food.  All kinds of food. And with nursing twins, I feel like I really justify a lot of my awful eating habits.  And sad to say, that I don’t really pay as much attention to what I am eating as I should. Obviously having 4 young […]

One Year of Twinning (A Letter to My Girls)

  Kiersten and Brooke, my double blessings, I still cannot believe that it has already been one whole year that we have have had you with us. It’s been a crazy journey. From the fear and uncertainty with the delivery and NICU time (and even after we got you home, when we were unsure whether you had PKU or not) to […]

Our Journey: 12 Months of Breastfeeding Twins

We did it! 12 months of exclusive pumping (in the early weeks) and breastfeeding! Looking back, when I had the girls 6 weeks early, I was absolutely terrified that we would not have a successful breastfeeding journey.  With my oldest children, I had immediate skin to skin and was able to get them nursing shortly […]