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Some Truth About Our “Big” Family

So, I want to go on this big rant about what not to say to/about “big families” and stay-at-home moms because it’s just super irritating and a lot of times hurtful.  But I’m not going to rant… I’m just going to “throw some truth” out there.   Throughout our family journey, we have faced many, many trials.  And […]

Back to Business as Usual A.K.A. Utter Chaos

We were so blessed to have my Momma visit for a long weekend.  And I was definitely spoiled with extra help and hands with my mini monsters adorable children. Alas, she has now left me to fend for myself, and today was a struggle.  After 4 “easy” days,  I found it very difficult to just […]

Making Some Changes

If you know me, you know that I love food.  All kinds of food. And with nursing twins, I feel like I really justify a lot of my awful eating habits.  And sad to say, that I don’t really pay as much attention to what I am eating as I should. Obviously having 4 young […]